Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Different Ways to Find Cheap Airport Parking

Cheap Airport Parking
The cost of travel alone can become extremely hurtful to one's checking account. Airfare is pricey no matter where the traveler is set off to, unless they buy their tickets many months in advance. Shopping for a trip can become expensive, ranging from new outfits to be suitable for the weather at their final destination, along with toiletries and luggage. And once they reach their destination, lodging, dining, sightseeing and shopping also become a factor and the traveler has to budget accordingly.
Travelers try to save money when they leave for vacation, even before they step foot inside an airport and board their plane. One of the easiest ways to find savings when traveling is with airport parking. Some travelers are often in a rush and are forced to choose valet options or park on the airport's premises, leading to a hefty parking bill once they return back home. Here are some different ways to find cheap airport parking.
  • Take advantage of Park and Ride parking lots if your trip spans just a few days. These lots are secure and patrons can park their cars for days at a time. Visit the parking lots a few days before the trip and find out who you can call to get more information.
  • Look for airport parking lots that are near your terminal and offer shuttle service to the airport. These lots are plentiful but shop around for the best price, best location and shuttle service to decrease your amount of stress and get you to your terminal on time.
  • Research the airport location for parking areas that aren't hosted directly through the airport. Sometimes these options are much cheaper and very close to the airport. Free airport shuttles are often included with these services and offer a stress-free travel experience.
  • Always pre-book airport parking options because you'll never have to pay for premium options because of your last-minute reservation. By booking early, you'll also get the best options when it comes to covered parking options, location and check-out times.
If you're a frequent traveler, subscribe to various airport parking lots' email newsletters so that you're always in the loop about great deals that align with your trips.